Monday, November 18, 2013

Ornie Swap over at Bumble Bee Lane

 Well ladies things have been crazy here...mostly with orders and Christmas gift making.  I have been up late every night and up early with my little rooster (that would be Silas...he's a morning person).  I'm really starting to feel the lack of sleep. :0(  Anyway I wanted to share all the lovely ornaments I got last week from the ornie swap Amy from Bumble Bee Lane held.   I just love doing these ornie swaps and I think it just makes our Christmas tree even more special. 
 This sweet mixed media old time looking ornament is from my sweet friend Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies.  Thank you Wendy...I love it!!!!
The snowman is from another wonderful lady I've been lucky enough to swap with in the past Sandi Allen from The Primitive Skate.  Thank you Sandi your snowman is fantastic!!!
The felted Santa in a frame is by yet another lady I've had the pleasure of swapping with...Kendra from The Stone House Primitives.  Thank you Kendra he is very sweet!!!
The last ornie the... sweet gingerbread face is from Danice Gentle Homespun Hannah's Blog.  I have not swapped with you before Danice so it is lovely to have one of your treasures among my collection...Thank you!!!
I also want to send out a big THANK YOU to Amy for hosting yet another wonderful're the best my friend!!!
Well my friends I'm going to keep this short but please come back for more ornies.  I told you I love doing these ornie swaps...LOL.  I'll try to post the other ornies soon maybe even before the end of the week....I just need to take photos.  Time does have away of running away from me these days....I run after it but it's much faster then I am...LOL.
I hope you are all happy and healthy.


  1. Ohhh!!! so exciting, love the ornies, Francine.

  2. So glad you like your ornie Theresa - looks like you got some other wonderful ones too!

  3. Yes I have all homemade ornies for our tree.Love thinking of all the special friends and family who make them.Been thinking of you the last couple of days been burning the yummy maple butter candle you sent a while

  4. Hi Theresa. 'So glad you like the ornie that I made. Amy's swaps are always so much fun. Your ornies are all so cute :)

  5. Love your ornies, I am like you ornies make a tree more special, as I put on my ornaments I think of each person that gave me an ornie when I display it. Hugs, Lecia