Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just wanted to share some of my Halloween treasures

 It's hard to believe that Halloween is this week.  I feel so behind...LOL!   I finally got around to getting some of my Halloween goodies out of my studio and into the main part of the house.  Some of these treasures are new but others I've had for some time.

These two sweeties are some of my favorites (who am I kidding they're all my favorites)...the owl was created by Cathy Pendleton from "The Cheswick Co".  The beautiful black cat with his rusty colored mouse is a Lori Ann Corelis -"The Spotted Hare " piece.  I feel so lucky to have these and yes they sit out all year way am I boxing these babies up.
The dining room buffet is packed this year with so many lovely goodies from so many wonderful artists.... Carol Stuck, Marie Morgan, Kimberly Bouffard, Lottie Laychak, Stacy Nash, Sandy Melerski, Nicol Sayre, Becky Carney, and Sue from Pinch Me Boutique.
Some more treasures in the dining room. 
Our dining room table this Halloween season.
This picture was taken in my studio....see the wedding couple in the back ground.... the groom on the left and the bride on the right.  These are reproduction pieces from Dee Foust but I've had them since Brian and I got married.  They were decorations we used at our wedding reception. They hold a very special place in my heart.  Another treasure in this photo is new and  has already stolen my spooky heart... Miss Maude (on the right) by Pam Garcia. 
Just look at this face...oh.... how she makes me smile and my heart giggles with the spell she has cast on me.   I must tell you that my dear great aunt was named Maude.  I absolutely loved her...often I would ride my bicycle over to her apartment to have cookies and to watch T.V. with her.  To a ten year old girl my great aunt was an amazing lady with the sweetest disposition.
Here is another group of treasures in my studio. 
I also have to share my Halloween treats from my sweet friend Holly.  Every year we exchange Halloween gifts and this year she really out did herself. 
Silas and I also found a visitor in our yard a few nights ago.   I must have taken dozens of photos of this fella.  I just couldn't help myself.  I mean he was orange and black after all.  I did tell Silas to leave him alone though...because I didn't know what kind of spider he was.  Come to find out he was a "Marbled Orb Weaver"  They are harmless and like to be left alone....he must have loved me...LOL!!! I'm sure he was thinking....LADY ENOUGH WITH THE FLASH ALL READY!!!!
Well my friends I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Halloween treasures and our new neighbor.  It's fun to share things with you all.  I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween.


  1. Wonderful Halloween fall treasures.
    Woolie Hugs

  2. EEKKKK!!!!! A spider!!!! Morning Teresa, love your Halloween displays, many wonderful goodies I see. Thanks for sharing, Blessings Francine.

  3. I think the bride and groom must be THE BEST wedding decorations I have ever seen!! Miss Maude is pretty cool too! Really love your Halloween décor!!

  4. Wow, your Halloween treasures are awesome!
    TFS with us!

  5. I'm coming to visit you one of these days, and bringing an extra suitcase...which will be empty when I come, but full when I joking dear - Love all your treasures and that witch is too cute!
    Enjoy your Halloween.

  6. What a wonderful collection Theresa....I feel so honored that Maude is among them!

    That spider is pretty darn awesome...I hate spiders but this was a great one! You guys have a safe and magical Halloween! Love ya!

  7. Lots of wonderful Halloween things Theresa!!!

  8. WOW!!! Those are some wonderful Treasures for sure! So honored to have one of my jack's mixed in!!!! OLM

  9. Oh my just spooktacular! Warm Blessings! Amy