Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello Dear Friends I know I've been MIA

Hello my dear friends I know I've been missing in action as of late.  It seems like so many things have been taking up my time.  First was a late April trip up to upstate NY to see my family.  We did so many things that I actually needed a vacation after we got home LOL.   Anyway Silas and I made our journey up north leaving Hubby home to keep the home fires burning. 
One of the things us girls did was go to the annual Flax Barn Sale....as always I find and buy way to much but their linen clothes are my favorite and I've been doing these sales since the early 90's.  This year it was at the Triphammer Mall.  My partners in crime were my mother who's waving in the photo and my older sister Joann.  This was the line at 8:30 in the morning... doors didn't open until 9 am.  There were a lot of people behind us too.

It's always crazy inside...LOL... let the clothes buying begin.  I must say everyone is nice about it...no pushing or yelling....just a lot of digging in the clothes boxes for the correct size and linen dust flying.

After the Flax sale my Sis treated me to my very first pedicure.  I know hard to believe...but true...I've never had anyone play with my feet before.  After they where done though my feet felt like fluffy clouds and yes we're going to go again the next time I'm up...LOL. :0)
The next day we celebrated my birthday... yeah I'm getting old.  I turned the big 40 this year and I have the grey/white hair to prove it...LOL. :0)

My younger sister Barb brought her stepdaughter Sariaha and boy does Silas just love this little girl.  He tries to kiss her and hug her every chance he gets.  I guess we could call this his first crush (sorry Robin and Misi). :0)

I just love this photo...so darn cute!!!

See I told you he tries to kiss her.  It's funny because right after this photo was taken...she was like YUCK a boy kissed me....LOL.

One of the other reasons for our trip north was to see this little lady.  This is my niece Rosalie and man has she gotten so big.  She is just over two months old and already she is 13 pounds and she managed to roll herself over while I was there. 

Here is one of my favorite photos...starting from the left...me, Rosalie, Silas, my younger sister Barb (Rosalie's Mom), and my older sister Joann.  I only wished we had gotten photos with Grandma and Grandpa too but sometimes the think tank doesn't work very well.

One of the days I  was up we got to go visit Maureen of "Sweet Meadows Farm" http://sweetmeadowsfarm.blogspot.com/.  Lucky for us she is just on the other side of Binghamton NY... where some of our family lives.   I know Maureen's shop wasn't officially open but I found enough to buy.  I can't wait to see what the shop looks like when It's officially open.  If  you've never been to her sweet shop you must go.  We have already made plans to visit again this summer. :0)

My Dad is a big train buff  (well so is Silas...he gets that from Grandpa) so not to far away from Maureen's shop was this big train bridge she told us about..... we had to investigate of course.   
 If you can't read the sign it says it was built in 1847-48 by the Erie Rail Road it is 1200 ft long, 110 ft high, and 30 ft wide on top.  The stone work is amazing...I keep trying to picture them working on it way back then.  We tried to find the top but had no luck...maybe next time when it isn't raining so much.
Here's my Dad and my sister Joann standing in front of the bridge to give you an idea just how big it is.  Grandma stayed in the car with Silas since it was raining.

I'm sure you all know that my hands have not been idle the whole time I've been MIA..... the above is a stitch I stitched for my dear friend Misi.  It of course is a Stacy Nash pattern.  It took me a few months to complete it but I think it turned out nice.
This sweet stitch was one of my Prim Sister's kits and finally I've had time to stitch it.  This sweetie is for me.  I just love the colors Wendy from Pineberry Lane picked for this kit.  I did change it just a little.... there was suppose to be a lady where I placed the spool of thread.  :0)

I just finished this stitch last week.  It is a Notforgotten Farm pattern and I just love it. I wish I was keeping it....oh well I'll just make another for myself at a later date.
This is Annie and Clarabelle.... I made these witches for Wendy's Spring doll challenge.  If  you didn't hear about the challenge she was hosting please go check it out  http://ravenwoodwhimzies.blogspot.com/.  I'd like to thank Wendy for hosting this lovely challenge and for giving us her doll pattern to create what ever we wanted with it. :0)
Well my friends I have finished other little things but I figured I'd show you the big ones at least....other wise you'd be looking at a lot of photos.  Also this post is long enough...LOL.
I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy my friends...as for me I'm still fighting my cold I got in NY...it was something else that came home with me and now the boys both have it too. Anyway I will try not to be gone so long next time but sometimes life has away of keeping me busy.