Monday, November 26, 2012

OLM Ornie Swap

Greetings friends.... I sure hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was a quiet one with hubby, Silas, Aunt Holly, and I.  It was just as well really since poor Silas came down with his first ear infection and hubby came home from a business trip with a head cold.  I'm sure you all have guessed by now that I didn't escape the have a head cold and then some so I thank my two lovely boys for sharing...LOL.  It seems like the month of November came and went with in seconds.  Every weekend has been so busy that I haven't even had time for a hair cut which I sorely need.  Anyway more about what's been keeping me so busy in a little bit. 
 I just have to show you another wonderful set of ornies I received.  A little while back OLM did a ornament swap that I participated in.  The above photo are of the lovely ornaments I received...I forgot to take photos of what I sent (I know I'm bad).  Starting with the top and going clockwise... Lovely prairie doll and sweet little stocking by Tam @,  The cutest reindeer I ever did see by Becky @,  A tasty looking gingerbread man from Allison @, and last another yummy looking gingerbread man from Cindi @  If you haven't seen these gals blogs please go check them out.... all of them are so very talented and I feel honored to have their ornies on my tree for many years to come.
 This year we did things a little different in the Meloon house... every year I drag out the tree and all the decorations while hubby watches football (I decorate it by myself  too).  I usually put the tree up in mid December and enjoy it until mid January.  Well this year since turkey day was going to be a quiet one I talked my best gal Holly into helping me and Silas decorate our tree.   It was fun to see Silas get so excited about hanging ornaments on the tree....after all it is his first time doing it.  Well he put them on all backwards...which was cute but Aunt Holly was there to help him get it right.  I think they both had a ball.  :0)
Here are a few close-up shots of  the tree so you can see some of the lovely'll see all the new ones from the OLM swap and even some from Amy's swap (they're all on the tree believe me it's a big I love them all).

 Isn't my tree topper just the makes me think of  Santa's misfit toys for some reason.  It was created by the lovely and sweetest gal you'll ever meet Sandy Melerski.  You can find her daughter's blog on my side panel to the left (just tell Jackie I sent ya).
Here are a few of my Santas....the one on the left and right are by Tricky Stitches Primitives and the one in the center is a Stein's Country Collection

 My sweet and only Limerick bear with my cute Carol Stuck Santa.  Carol gave him to me in a swap this summer.  Here is Carol's blog  if you would like to see more of her creations.
My big Wanda Carson bear with his snowman from Jodi Parkes -Fat Hen Farm (on left) and my sweet marshmallow boy by Kimberly @ (on right).

 More of Kimberly's set of snow folks.  They stay out all year I don't have the heart to pack them away.  I have a Christmas corner... where my treasures stay out all year.  Hubby says he's good with it as long as it doesn't start expanding...LOL....good luck with that hubby. :0)
 More goodies from Kimberly....I know I have a problem....LOL!
Last are a few of my Pat Murphy bears  I was lucky enough to see Pat last week at a very small show in West Virgina.  It was so good to see's been a few years so it was good to catch up on what's been happening in our lives.  Did I take photos....of course not....did I take photos of the Hunt valley bear show the week one.  What can I say I forget about my's all about living in the now. 
Well... I'm sure you're all thinking... look at all the links.... what the....well I believe in sharing what you love.  :0)
Okay...I must be off...hopefully the next time I'll be able to post about a swap, a few good finds, and about a few projects I've been working on. I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. :0)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Hop Ornament Giveaway!!!!

Brenda over at The Rusty Thimble got a bunch of us crafters/artists together to help in spreading the Christmas cheer. One winner will win all the ornaments.... I believe there are 36 total.  I know....WOW!!!! here is how it works. You will go to each crafters blog to sign up....if you don't go to all the blogs you wont be eligible to it's important that you go to each participating crafters blog.  To get the full list of all the participating crafters/artists involved go to Brenda's blog (link is above in red).  Now don't forget to sign up for my ornament while you're here. 
Giveaway will run from November 12th-18th and the winner will be annouced November 19th.
My ornament is cross-stitched on 32ct linen with DMC threads which was stained with walnut stain.... and then the stitch was added to a moss green wool pillow which is stuffed with clean sawdust.  
I hop this post finds all of you happy and healthy my go blog hoping and have some fun....good luck!  :0)

Ornie Swap

Some weeks ago I signed up for a ornie swap over at Bumble Bee Lane.  I'm sure most of you know I love Amy's swaps and I try to do most of them....I know I'm addicted. :0)  Anyway  I sent out my four ornaments (which I didn't take a picture of because my mind tends to walk away from me when I need it most....LOL) and these lovelies are what I received.  I know.... can you believe it....JACK POT!!!!

  It was like Christmas morning when I opened my package...I was so excited and each ornament was fantastic!!!! Starting with the top left....The cutest little black Santa, grubby eggs, and stitches are from Terry Loewen -  The beautiful snowman punch needle ornament is by Michelle Mauk-  The sweet little snowman doll is from Olde Lady Morgan-   The too cute gingerbread man and star ornaments are from Linda Gates-
I also want to mention that Amy sent me this sweet little whisk broom (she heard that I have a collection of these beauties).....isn't it so tiny and cute!!!  I can't believe all the sweet treasures that came in my package.  I want to thank all of these sweet ladies for making my Christmas tree this year so very special. :0) 

Before I go I have to tell you that I made an ornament for Brenda's super giveaway it starts tomorrow and runs until November 18th.  If you want to learn more go to her blog  I hope this post finds you all well my friends. :0)