Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prim Ditty Swap With Becky From Primitives N Stitchin

 I'm so happy to show you all my second box of lovely goodies from the very talented  Becky from Primitives N Stitchin.  Just click on the link in blue to see her lovely blog and to see what I created for her.  Now for those new goodies she so thoughtfully made for me.
 Isn't this ditty bag beautiful and the rug hooked sunflowers are fantastic.  I know Becky said she hadn't picked up her rug hook in a long time but you'd never know it.  They are beautiful!!!
Next is the beautiful quilt table runner she made me ....I just love all the fabrics she picked for it...they're perfect.  The wool table runner is so cute with the two little sheep....speaking of sheep do you see the sweet woolly sheep she made too. :0)  I also love the candle and the little breadboard it sits on....so cute and prim.
 I also have a thing for these vintage cookie cutters.  I was just telling Becky that they make me think of my childhood and how my Grandmother had this style of cookie cutters.  I love the fact that they remind me of those special moments in my Grandmother's kitchen.   THANK YOU BECKY!!!! It has been a wonderful swap and I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. :0)
I also would like to say thank you to Amy from Bumble Bee Lane Cottage for hosting this lovely swap. 
I hope this post finds you all well and hopefully I'll have something exciting to tell you again soon.  I hope to start working on some fall goodies for my shop or to even post here on my blog.  We'll have to see how much time the little one gives me.  Plus I know there will be more swap projects in my future too...LOL. :0)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Christmas In July swap with Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm

I'm so excited to share photos of my new Christmas goodies that Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm made.  The swap theme this time was "Christmas In July".  Don't you just love the Santa...and his clothes are made out of a gorgeous Burgundy wool.  I loved it so much I had to ask Carol where she found the fabric (I went and purchased some...LOL).  The gingerbread men are the sweetest.... perfect for the wooden bowl that sits on our dining room table.  Plus the candy canes will look great on our tree. Did I ever tell you all that one of the tree's (we usually have two)  has almost all handmade ornaments (that's my goal....to one day have nothing but handmade ornaments on it).   Our other Christmas tree I put all sorts of goodies on that one....there are just some ornaments that you can't get rid of....to much family history. :0)
Here is a close-up of the Santa.....isn't he great!!! Anyway as you can see there where even more goodies.... a sweet stocking with peppermint candies, wonderful smelling bowl filler mix, and a lovely Christmas fridge note pad.   Thank you Carol... you really made it feel like Christmas! :0) I can only hope you are as happy as I am with the goodies I sent you. THANK YOU!!!  I also would like to thank Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies for hosting this fantastic swap. 
On other news I've also been busy make this sweet baby quilt for our friends first grandchild.  Her name is Delaney and I felt that this new little girl needed something special.  I wish the photo of the baby quilt turned out better....I took a dozen photos and finally gave up trying to get a perfect shot.  It was such a sweet pink color...it made me think of pink lemonade. :0) 

Next is my new Christmas pincushion I made from a Stacy Nash pattern.  I guess you could say I got myself ready for the Christmas in July swap by making this first.  I actually was working on it before Wendy posted the swap....LOL.  I think we both were thinking cool weather thoughts. ;0)

As you can see my hands are never idle for long.  I basically finish one project then pick up another right away.   More often then not I also have a half dozen projects going at one time.  This means things don't always get done in a timely manner but at least it gives me a variety of things to do which keeps me happy. :0)
Thank you for taking the time to stop in and I hope to see you soon. I'll have another swap to share with you in a few weeks.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Giveaway at Buttermilk Creek Farm

I want to share a wonderful giveaway with you gals....if you don't know about it already.  Carol over at Buttermilk Creek Farm is having a lovely giveaway.  Just click on the link in red.   I also wanted to tell you that Carol is one of my swap partners this month so you'll be seeing more of her goodies here in a few weeks. :0)

Summer Fun

It's amazing how fast time flys when one is having fun.  A few weeks ago my family came down so we could all enjoy a day out with Thomas.  It was a very hot day but it was worth every moment of it to see the delight in our little ones eyes as he got to see his favorite train. 
Not only did Silas get to ride Thomas.... who came all the way from the island of Sodor but he got to ride the Strasburg PA steam train as well. 
He also had fun riding the mini steam train with daddy.  Mommy opted out so she could take video.  It's not everyday your little one gets to experience something he loves so very much for the first time.   Silas is just like his grandpa....trains, trains, trains, and trains. :0)
I think this photo says it all as he looks out the window after his first steam ride.  We didn't get a photo before the train left because we were nervous....that we didn't miss our departure time.  Especially since one doesn't get to ride Thomas everyday. :0)
I think we'll try to take Silas again next year.... it just might be a new family tradition in the making. 

On other news I've been stitching up a storm... I'll have two lovely swaps to share with you this month.   Plus a few finishes that I've been making for myself and friends.  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. :0)