Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Pin Keep Swap with Kendra and Other News

I know...I know...where have I been...LOL. :0) Well... I must say it has been crazy here at Dulaney Woods but it sure has been a fun kind of crazy.   First I have to share my wonderful swap goodies from Kendra.  I was going to have this posted last week but I'm easily side tracked these days.  I am sorry for the delay dear Kendra.
Here are all the wonderful goodies Kendra sent. I must say Silas was tickled to get Mac & Cheese with tractors in it.  It was so sweet of Kendra to think of our little one.  Plus Mac & Cheese is one of his major food groups right now... I'm sure you all know how three year olds are with food at this stage...toast & cheese, spaghetti O's, chicken nuggets, Mac & Cheese, and peanut butter rotate...LOL. :0)  He doesn't get that from us that's for sure.   Kendra also sent along a fantastic Jack O'lantern pin keep, wooden letters that spell "Crows", a lovely old pattern that was her mother's and a apple note pad with a wooden pencil.  Such a lovely and thoughtful box of goodies. :0)

Kendra's wonderful Jack O'lantern  pin keep sits by my sewing machine which I use daily.  You'll also notice I hung the wonderful wooden "Crows" letters on my painting from Sandy Mastroni.

Here's the sweet Fall pillow Kendra sent with my Bittersweet Folk Art pumpkin gal...they look fabulous together. :0) 

Here is what I sent Kendra...but  you should go check out her blog she also... took some really great photos of what I sent her to  Thank you Kendra it was lovely to swap with you!!! I'd like to thank Wendy from Ravenwood Whimzies for being such a lovely hostess too. :0)
I didn't take a lot of photos but in early August Brian, Silas, Holly and I went to the Lititz PA craft show.  I love this show because you never know what you will find. 
My first find was this lovely old chest...the colors are fantastic and the guy said he didn't do anything to it besides clean it and put a protective clear coat on it.  Let's face it for $56.00 I was one very happy camper....LOL.

Next was Teresa Miller's tent and as you can see I really had a good time there...LOL...everything on the chest is from her except for the candy canes.  Here is Teresa's blog if you'd like to check out her lovely creations and maybe find a show she'll be at

What else has been keeping me busy... well as some of you know my dear friend Jackie is letting me put some of my creations at her table at the Malabar Ohio show Sept 28th.   I have been working like crazy and feel pretty good that I  have about 40 things to go.  I'm still stitching so I'm sure I'll have others but here are some of the things I've been working on. 
The pumpkin guy to the left has already found a home with my sweet friend Misi....I also managed to squeeze in a swap with her....LOL....I like being busy. :0)
Some of you may remember these photos... Amy from Bumble Bee Lane gave them to me. 

Sweet little tea cup pin keeps with tea bag tags that read "pins".

Two noble women pouches ready to go..... two more to finish.
These sweet crows have been tagged, priced, and boxed up to go. I sure hope I do well at this's been at least ten years since I did a show.  I will be running around so if you are at the show please say Hi.  Jackie will be running the table though since it's her table and she's just being kind to her stitcher...LOL. ;0)
In late August we had a wonderful trip up to upstate NY where my family lives.  I got to see my sweet niece is she growing like a weed.  It's hard to believe this little gal has two bottom teeth already.  One of the days we were up there I got to help my older sister (Aunt Joann) baby sit her while her mother and father worked.  It was so much fun to hold and play with this sweet little one.  The only thing is when she is out because she is not patient when she wants her bottle...LOL.
Here she is with her teething ring and the monster bib I made her).

Rosalie playing piano with Auntie Jo.

Holly, Jo, and I also managed to squeeze in a pedicure too.  Jo and I figured we needed to take Holly since she's never had one.... I think she really enjoyed herself too. It is a wonderful way to pamper ones self.... sitting back getting a foot message and drinking a glass of red wine..... note to self take chocolate next time. ;0)
 We also celebrated my sister Jo Ann's birthday.... I wont say how old she is but she is young at heart like me.  As you can see from the above photo.... Silas really was dying for a piece of cake...LOL!!!!
This was one of the gifts we gave her.  Jennifer Mayo created this sweet doll and kitty needle punch.... my sister absolutely fell in love with them. 

I made this wall pocket for her...she loves horses and as she pointed out the little girl looks like our isn't though.

The boys grandpa and Silas got to play trains too. They both love they're trains and it's hard to get them out of  grandpa's train room.  It's so nice that they have something special to share.

Grandpa even lets Silas run things....because as grandpa puts it... he's a very good kid with other kids toys....LOL. :0)

Okay my friends now you have the what and why and where I've been...LOL.  I actually have other things to share but this is getting to be a long post so I will save it for another day.  I sure hope you all are doing fine.  I will have two more swaps to share with you soon and hopefully photos of the Malabar show too. 
May happiness and health find you all.