Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just wanted to share some of my Halloween treasures

 It's hard to believe that Halloween is this week.  I feel so behind...LOL!   I finally got around to getting some of my Halloween goodies out of my studio and into the main part of the house.  Some of these treasures are new but others I've had for some time.

These two sweeties are some of my favorites (who am I kidding they're all my favorites)...the owl was created by Cathy Pendleton from "The Cheswick Co".  The beautiful black cat with his rusty colored mouse is a Lori Ann Corelis -"The Spotted Hare " piece.  I feel so lucky to have these and yes they sit out all year way am I boxing these babies up.
The dining room buffet is packed this year with so many lovely goodies from so many wonderful artists.... Carol Stuck, Marie Morgan, Kimberly Bouffard, Lottie Laychak, Stacy Nash, Sandy Melerski, Nicol Sayre, Becky Carney, and Sue from Pinch Me Boutique.
Some more treasures in the dining room. 
Our dining room table this Halloween season.
This picture was taken in my studio....see the wedding couple in the back ground.... the groom on the left and the bride on the right.  These are reproduction pieces from Dee Foust but I've had them since Brian and I got married.  They were decorations we used at our wedding reception. They hold a very special place in my heart.  Another treasure in this photo is new and  has already stolen my spooky heart... Miss Maude (on the right) by Pam Garcia. 
Just look at this face...oh.... how she makes me smile and my heart giggles with the spell she has cast on me.   I must tell you that my dear great aunt was named Maude.  I absolutely loved her...often I would ride my bicycle over to her apartment to have cookies and to watch T.V. with her.  To a ten year old girl my great aunt was an amazing lady with the sweetest disposition.
Here is another group of treasures in my studio. 
I also have to share my Halloween treats from my sweet friend Holly.  Every year we exchange Halloween gifts and this year she really out did herself. 
Silas and I also found a visitor in our yard a few nights ago.   I must have taken dozens of photos of this fella.  I just couldn't help myself.  I mean he was orange and black after all.  I did tell Silas to leave him alone though...because I didn't know what kind of spider he was.  Come to find out he was a "Marbled Orb Weaver"  They are harmless and like to be left alone....he must have loved me...LOL!!! I'm sure he was thinking....LADY ENOUGH WITH THE FLASH ALL READY!!!!
Well my friends I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Halloween treasures and our new neighbor.  It's fun to share things with you all.  I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Swap With Misi From 1890 Gable House & Other News

 I am so late writing this post and I have to apologize to my sweet gal pal Misi for seems like life has been crazy busy as of late and I'm just along for the ride.  I'll fill you in more about the busy part later in the post but for now you must see my new lovely treasures that Misi sent me.
 I have found spots in our lovely home for these new gifts....the witch shadow box that Misi made now sits on our mantle ....front and center for all to see. I don't even have words to explain how much I love this still my heart.  Misi also included the most  amazing pumpkin doll from  Jennifer Tavoletti (sitting left  of the shadow box).
You should have seen my face when I unwrapped this lovely too...I had tears in my eyes that was for sure.  Misi is so very generous and so very own these just sends my mind a twirl.
I know...I know...the first three pieces where more then enough she had to spoil me even more.  In fact as I write this now I'm stuffing my mouth with Moose Munch...LOL.  I tried to stay out of it because I'm sure most of you know once you start eating it, it's soooooooooo hard to stop eating it...LOL!!!! :0)  The hand soap smells wonderful....the hand towel is so cute I wont use it as a towel though (maybe make it into a pillow). The Halloween pasta is going to be our Halloween meal....Silas is going to love finding the spiders in it.  :0)
Misi also sent this sweet little pumpkin gal from Kaf Grimm of Grimitives.... isn't she the sweetest little thing you every saw!!!! Pumpkin love!!!
Yes,  There is more....look at this sweet piece Misi made....I know.... down right spoiled rotten I am.  THANK YOU MISI!!!!  You really know how to spoil a Halloween Fall lovin gal like me.  All these treasures are held close to my heart....THANK YOU!!!! If you'd like to see what I made Misi please go to her blog and check out her Sept 18th post.

What else have I been up too... well we made a quick over night trip to Lori's  "Gathering of  Primitives show" in Amherst VA.  It was worth the 10 hour round trip.....sure it was raining but who cares when there are so many amazing primitives around.  I was a kid in a candy store.   Plus my hubby was such a good trooper who helped drive and watch Silas as he ran around on the farm.  Here are some photos that I took.
Silas checking out Tina's (The Burlap Owl Primitives) table.  One of her sweet dolls came home me.

Here is Susan and Dorrie's (Olde Threads) tent...if you look real hard you can see them in there...LOL.

More of their goodies...some of their lovely creations came home with me too.

 This was Teresa Miller's tent... I was lucky enough to see Teresa at the Lititz PA show so I didn't buy much from her.  Plus I got to see her again in Lititz PA for the Porch Walk (Which I brought home something from Teresa both times...LOL).
 This is Becky Carney's was so nice to meet her since she had been in my Etsy favorites for a long time.  Now I own one of her Fall themed Santas.

 Here are my boys...they had a good time seeing Lori and Pete's donkeys, chickens, sheep, cat, and dogs.   Silas also liked playing in the mud...but I was prepared...extra socks, pants, and shoes in the car....LOL. :0)
 Here is just a small sampling of what  came home.  I think it will be hard not to go next year....LOL!!!
 As some of you know I also had my first show in years at "The Spirit of Friends" show in Lucas Ohio at Malabar farm.  I did okay my first time out and plan on sharing a table again with my good friend Jackie.  It was fun to meet some Facebook friends and new fans.... so many nice comments and well wishes.  It really warmed my heart and gave me encouragement.  Here are some photos of our table.

 Are you tired of reading yet?  Well I have a few more things to share with you all.   Every year Lori from Notforgotten Farm has a Halloween challenge.  Last year I did a purse but this year I did something different with her challenge piece.  I sure hope you like it.

Lori will have a voting poll up soon so everyone can vote for the piece they like best.  Please go vote...even if you don't vote for those that entered in the challenge. :0)
Okay.... I think I'm getting to the end....LOL!!!  My sister FAAP group on Etsy will be opening a selling page tomorrow on facebook for those of you who'd like to buy and see some very talented ladies.  We are a fun creative group and I hope you will come join in...there will be a great giveaway too.  Yes, I did make something for the giveaway...but you need to go to facebook and find out what it is. ;0)  Here is our blog if you'd like to check us out... . 

I have also been honored with being added to the Primitive Handmades Mercantile group....what a group of talented ladies those are.  I sure hope I can make them proud of having me with them.   The selling site is update every third Friday of every month... here is a link

Also I'd like you all to keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers....she goes in for major surgery tomorrow and will spend 2-4 hours in surgery.   I am hoping all goes well and I wish I could be with her.  I know my Father and Sister will keep a close eye on her and her doctor is top in his field so she's in good hands.  Thank you my friends and I hope I didn't bore the heck out of you all.
I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harvest Gathering Swap with Janet from "Olde Crow Primitives"

Hello my dear friends...wanted to share my lovely new swap goodies from Janet of Olde Crow Primitives. I absolutely love everything she sent.  The two table runners she made are exquisite. She sent some wonderful chocolates...they were sooooo yummy...there are only a few left LOL.   The candle tarts she made smell so good and I already have one in my tart burner.  It makes the house smell so nice.   Janet also sent scissors, a sweet pin keep,  tape measure, and crow journal.   I have to tell you that the coffee and tea she sent smells divine....though I haven't gotten into it yet.
Both of Janet's table runners  are in our dinning room.  This room gets changed out with every season. This is a little side table in that room that holds a little corner cabinet.
Here is our dinning room table with Janet's other beautiful table runner on it.  Thank you Janet for being such a wonderful swap partner and for the lovely new treasures...I will cherish them always.  I also want to thank Amy of "Bumble Bee Lane" for being such a wonderful hostess.
Well my friends that is all for now but I will have another lovely swap to share with you real soon.  I also will have a few photos of the last two shows I've been to as well.  It has been a crazy busy time for me and hopefully I will catch up on my posts soon.   Trying to get Lori's (Notforgotten Farm) challenge piece done before the due date.  I will share that with you as well once it is finished....wish me luck.
May this post find you all happy and healthy....Hugs, Theresa