Sunday, July 21, 2013

Farmhouse Summer Swap With Becky From Rebecca Rose Designs

I told all you gals I would have another lovely swap to share with you all.... and here it is.  I had the wonderful chance to get to know and swap with Becky from Rebecca Rose Designs.  Just look at the beautiful new treasures she sent me.  I can safely say I am one spoiled and lucky gal to have had such a fantastic swap partner!!! :0)
Just look at the sweet bird doll she made me....isn't she beautiful!!!  Becky had said that she had taken one of Colleen Moody's classes to learn how to make these sweet birds.  I myself own a few of Colleen's creations and to tell you the truth I don't think I could tell the difference between Becky's sweetie and one of Colleen's.  This says a lot about the teacher and the student.  She is simply divine Becky...thank you!!!!

 More wonderful goodies that Becky sent.  This sweet bee keep tuck found it's way upstairs with my other bee themed items.  It looks wonderful...wish I had thought of taken photos.  Notice the sweet fruit fabric in the background....she sent that too.  It makes me think of my Grandma Coates who had lots of kitchen towels in prints very similar to this. 
 I'll use these lovely photos Becky sent for my primitive wall pockets....can't wait to use them.  Do you see the sweet little fabric tag (bottom right corner) Becky made that for me too.
 Love this baking pan filled with yummy ribbons and lace in several colors.  She even gave me a frozen Charlotte first one ever.  I will do something special with it...something I will keep for myself. :0)
And if that wasn't enough Becky even sent me some cross-stitch patterns from one of my favorite stitchers Nan from Threadwork Primitives.  I told you I was do you believe me...LOL. :0)   I want to give a great BIG THANK YOU TO BECKY for being such a lovely person to swap with.  I also want to thank Amy from Bumble Bee Lane Cottage for hosting yet another wonderful swap.

I also wanted to show you all a few finishes.  Here are two cross-stitches I finished...the crow one is a pin keep and the other is a trinket box or sewing box.

Finally got my other bird wall hanging done too...the one I was working on a few posts back was one that I was making for myself (which is also finished).  The one in the photo below I will sell.   They are very similar...the bird in this one is black where mine is the corner blocks are in different creams where mine are in light tan colors.

Here are a few things on my work table now.  I hope I will finish them soon...a cross-stitch sewing book (to keep pins, threads, and scissors in), teacup pin keeps, and another wall pocket.

 I know that this post is already photo heavy but I wanted to share these sweet photos of Silas in his little pool.  It's been soooo hot here...just a few days ago it was 104 with is a little cooler thank goodness.

Plus our butterfly bush hotel is in full swing already.  Almost every day we've had about 15 different butterflies feasting on the sweet smelling flowers of our butterfly bush.  I don't collect butterfly items mind you but I do love watching these beautiful creatures. I also like the challenge of trying to get a perfect photo of them in their element. :0)

 I know these yellow tails all look the same but they are all different. This guy has small blue dots on his wings.
 This one has a lot more blue on his wings then the others.
 This guy is all yellow and black but his bottom right wing has some of it missing.
 This fellow is perfect....they're all perfect in my eyes. :0)
Well my friends if you made it down this far.... you hung in there with all the photos...LOL.  I wish you all happiness and health.  Have a safe summer and hopefully I'll be back soon to share some fun adventures with you all. :0)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Farmhouse Summer Swap with Amy From Bumble Bee Lane

What a wonderful swap with my good and sweet friend Amy from Bumble Bee Lane.  Not only was Amy one of my swap partners but she was the hostess for this lovely swap.
I was hoping Amy would pick me as her partner...LOL.....I already had a plan you see and I wanted to make her something  I wanted to make myself too (I know that's so bad of me... right).  I'm not going to tell you what it is'll just have to keep an eye on her blog to see what I sent her...LOL. :0) Here is all the lovely things Amy sent me.  I must say she really spoiled me...I love everything.  I don't think I could pick a favorite thing... since they are all my favorites. :0)

Amy made this sweet pumpkin doll for me....she knows me all to well.....LOL!!! Everyone who knows me knows Halloween/Fall is my thing and that my studio is decorated all year round with Halloween goodies. I decided this sweetie needed to be where I'd see him a lot and what better place then next to my sewing machine.   I know this guy will be whispering ideas in my ear as I work away. 
Next is this wonderful corner shelf...I wanted to hang it but right now I'm moving things around in the house and I'm looking for a primitive corner cabinet to replace my glass one.  Then move the second glass case out altogether and put this beauty up with a small square primitive table under it (which I also need to buy).   I think for now it looks sweet with my bear.  Amy made the wax candles to go in it too....aren't they wonderful!!!

The table runner Amy sent has already found it's home on our dining room table.  I love the summer like colors and the beautiful bird drawing in the center by Michelle Palmer.  I think Amy did a beautiful job picking it out for me. :0)

This was more then enough but Amy sent even more.  A beautiful box with the sweetest bunny to sit on top...or at least that's what I'm going to do since they look like they were made for each other.  There was a surprise inside the box of Amy's beautiful wax sheep (I forgot to take a photo of him). Here they are sitting on my new $6.00 shelf from Goodwill. As you can see I haven't filled it up yet with goodies....but I know I will soon....LOL. ;0)

Amy even sent more goodies... some lovely photos, keys, and a whisk broom to add to my collection.  Like I said Amy spoiled me with such lovely and dear treasures.  Thank you my friend for such a lovely swap and for hosting!!!! I had another swap partner too and she has received her goodies from me but she was delayed in sending her's out so come back soon to see more Farmhouse Summer swap goodies. :0)

I have just a few more things to share with you.  A while back I bought these two lovely bear drawings from Michelle Palmer.  Once I decided I'd like a banner with our name and wedding date under them I asked Michelle if she'd be so kind as to make one....she agreed.  Here they are all framed and hanging on our family room wall.  I just love Michelle's work!!!
Last we have been looking for a bigger car since late May and we have been going back and forth between the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey.  Finally we got the price we were hoping for and we brought our new van home.  I wonder what we will name her???  Any suggestions my friends?
Well I guess that is about all my friends.  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. :0)