Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

Just want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  May you all have happiness and health in the new year to come.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Winner Is...& Christmas Swap With Misi From 1890 Gable House

The Winner of my Christmas giveaway is.....drum roll please.....Karen Mary Butterfly!!!!  Congratulations Karen!!! Silas put his little hand into Santa's hat and pulled out your name.  I do my drawings the old fashioned way... folded paper, pen, and scissors.  I know I should move on with the times but I like the old ways best....LOL. :0)  I want to thank all of you for commenting and for entering my little giveaway.  Now for those that didn't win...don't worry I'm doing another giveaway real soon.... like the end of January or early Feb.  I'm sure you're all wondering why....well I have to celebrate having over 100 followers plus my one year blog birthday will be up too. I never would have thought I'd last this long in the blog world or that any of you would find me interesting enough to follow...LOL.  Thank you!!!!

My fantastic swap with Misi from1890 Gable House:
  Misi and I decided to do a private Christmas swap since we both love this time of year.  I can tell you she spoiled me rotten.  I can't believe all the goodies she sent.  The box was filled to the brim with fantastic eye candy.  I had to take two photos so you could see all that she sent.  Don't you just love the Santa's, snowman, and the gingerbread man (he just cracks me his expression...LOL).
 Look at all the ornaments for our Christmas trees and the fantastic patterns.  If you look real close at the top elf you'll see our sweet Silas' face...what a treasure that is. In fact Silas looks at it and says YOU.... which he means me...LOL. :0)
Here is how I decorated with what Misi gave me...such treasures each and every one. The Santa she gave me is from Kimberly "The Red Cupboard" all know how I have a addiction to her creations.  He sits with one of the Santa's I made.

The funny.... way to cute gingerbread man is hanging out with my Jackie Melerski bear and one of my reindeer.  Misi told me that Traci from York Mountain Primitives created him (plus the snowman, Mr. Claus & Mrs Claus ornaments).  I really love Traci's creations too.   I have to say that's all Misi's fault....she gave me one of Traci's black cats in our last swap and it was love at first sight. :0)

Love this sweet faced Santa too.... he's got an old soul kinda of face.

My bear seems to keep collection snowmen LOL.... I guess I could call him the snow folk keeper this year.  The thing is I couldn't really fit them all on his lap anyway.  I'm sure he makes these trouble makers mind. :0)  I think the one Misi gave me is a little afraid my bear might mistake him for that gingerbread man.  He's heard that the bear likes cookies...LOL. :0)

Here is my prim tree in our dining room...I added all the wonderful log cabin houses Misi made to it along with the Mr.& Mrs. Claus ornament she sent.  They really look great with the other ornies on it.
 This is our fireplace in the family room....I have threatened for years to find and old mantel or to make one of my own...but I still haven't done it.  I hate the color of it.... I want it to be old distressed white or black wood.  One day I will have my dream fireplace but until then....I look at what's on it and not at it....LOL.   The little Elves Misi sent hang from the Christmas garland my mother tatted for me last Christmas. My doll to the left holds Misi's handmade ornament in her left hand (it's like Misi made it for her)....while the other sits in front of a brown glazed jug.  Since we are in this room for most of the day I get to enjoy these treasures for many hours out of my day.  I want to thank Misi for her thoughtful and generous heart!!!!!  I am happy to call her friend and I can only hope that what I sent her makes her as happy as I am with the things she sent me. Please go over and visit Misi's blog if you haven't all ready (she's posted a lot of the pieces I made her in her Merriement chain). I can't tell you how wonderful her boxes, ornaments, candles, and other creations are.  I think they're the best and I'm not just saying that.  Thanks again Misi for making Christmas come early this year!!!  :0)
Just a few more Christmas decorations to share with you.
My mice from Pam Gracia "Soft In the Head"...along with another deer I made.  Most of the deer are Christmas gifts for my family and friends that's why I have so many...LOL.  :0)

My sweet kitties in their basket... along with a few candy canes and a Santa.

Nothing like winter kisses to keep you warm... or at least that's what my Pat Murphy bears think.

Last I decided to put my fantastic snowman that Wendy gave me under our tree in the family room....along with two Santa's I made.  Now the one on the right I've had since 1997....he was the first Santa I ever made.   I didn't know about coffee staining then and my good friend and quilt teacher Anne convinced me if I could quilt I could make dolls.  I remember having such a hard time making him....and being so happy when I finished him.  He may not be old looking (which I've debated about staining him) but he does have a part of my heart. :0)
Okay my friends.... I should let you go...thank you for stopping in and for reading about my wonderful swap with Misi.  Congratulations again to Karen! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!  May you all be blessed with happiness and health.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Giveaway and My Gingerbread swap with Ravenwood Whimzies

Greetings my friends....I'm a bit late posting about my Christmas giveaway so it will be ending on Dec 12th (Midnight). I will post the winners name on Dec 13th. This should give me enough time to get it posted and off to the winner before Christmas.  To enter is simple....just leave a comment on this post.  I will add your name a second time if you are a follower or become a new follower of my blog.  If you'd like to post about this giveaway on your blog or sidebar I'd be happy to give you a third chance to win as well.   Please only enter my Christmas giveaway if you live in the US or postage is to expensive...sorry. The winner will get the sweet Santa dressed in green and the snowman ornament....both made by me.  Plus the black angel which was created by the very talented Valerie Weberpal of "Harvest Moon".   

Now on to my wonderful swap with Wendy from Ravenwood Whimzies.  Wendy and I both joined in Amy's (Bumble Bee Lane Cottage) Gingerbread Swap.  Below is a photo of all the lovely things she sent me.
See the fantastic snowman...last year Wendy made one of these cuties for herself and I fell in love with when we got paired up to do this swap I asked her if she'd make me one.  I was so surprised to get this fabulous fellow.  Thank you so much Wendy!!!  Now you'd think that was all right.... spoiled me rotten!!! Just look at all the goodies she sent.... in the Christmas box in front of the snowman is the most incredible toffee...I had not one but four pieces today.  I have a wicked sweet tooth...LOL.  The cute Christmas tree ornament is already hanging on our tree.   Below you'll see where I placed some of her other lovely creations.
Check out the Santa pillow...he looks so nice on our wooden bench (in our sitting room) with my other Christmas goodies.

The wonderfully aged Christmas book Wendy made looks wonderful with the snowman my sister made me several years ago. The little penguin was something I made back in the mid 90's...every year my mother, sisters, and I all pick a Christmas craft project to do while we're all together and he was one of them.

Here is our buffet in the dining changes with the seasons.  I put Wendy's cute snowman there with some of my other Christmas goodies.  The buffet is still a work in progress...I'm sure I'll move things around a few more times before it's just right.  Plus my doll seller needs her candy canes and tinsel still. 
I decided the snowman I made a few years back (from a Soft In The Head pattern) needed some company...and I think the gingerbread man looks great with him.   I must say the gingerbread man smells heavenly too.
I know this isn't the best photo but I wanted to show you all the Santa Wendy made me last year with the sweet door hanger she sent this year.  They're on the door in the dining room heading into kitchen which is in the center of the house. If you haven't been to Wendy's blog or her Etsy shop you must go see her other creations.  Not only is she talented but she's one of the sweetest gals you'll ever meet too.
 Wendy's blog: 
Wendy's Etsy shop:
Thank you Wendy for another fantastic swap!!!  I also want to thank Amy for hosting the swap. :0)

Lastly I want to show you all my find.  Isn't she a beauty!!!  Looking at the inside and the bottom of the pitcher she looks to be an old piece too.  I found this lovely pottery pitcher on Etsy for $14.50.  Sure it cost me almost the same to have it shipped safely but man she was worth every penny. The  brown and blue glaze is divine with it's simple design.  Plus my feather tree fits in it perfectly....that wasn't even the plan but you know it just worked out that way.  

Okay... my sweet friends I should go...I'm sure you're tired of reading my babble...LOL.  Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway and to check out Wendy's blog so you can see what I sent her.  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.... until next time. :0)