Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Big Snow Storm

On Friday it started to snow here in Maryland and it kept snowing until Saturday evening.  Hubby and I shoveled on and off to keep things manageable.  We ended up getting 30" of snow which is a lot for this area.  
Kiddo had a great time but the snow was deeper then anything he's seen so far.  He found out real fast it's hard to walk in LOL!!!
Today the sun is shining and clean up is pretty much done.  We are waiting for a plow to come clean off our road though. 

I hope everyone that got hit by this storm is doing well.  We managed to keep our power which made things so much easier.  Stay safe out there...clean up is going to take a little while for the road crews.


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  1. Wow!!!!! That's a lot of snow, happy your all ok.Blessings Francine.