Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yankee Girl Dry Goods

This last weekend I was lucky enough to go see my sweet friend Michelle at her show in Ft. Mead Maryland.  Here are a few photos of her booth.

She had so many lovely things and yes I left there with my bank account being lighter LOL!!!  If you like what you see go over and check out Michelle's Facebook business page.  I know she'd love to hear from you. 


Here is how I used some of her creations in my display at home. 
Please remember if you love a artist support them...Christmas time is a great time to shop at small local businesses. 

I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.


  1. Such a wonderful crafter, talented lady.Blessings Francine.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Francine. :0)

    1. ohhhh! Thanks for posting my booth on your blog T! I am so happy you were able to come down and visit.. The chocolate you brought made my day and my belly was certainly happy too! Hugs my very dear friend!