Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Lovely Christmas Swap With Wendy From Ravenwood Whimzies

 Hello my sweet blog friends I have a fantastic swap to share with you all.  Wendy from Ravenwood Whimzies and I decided after being partnered up for the last two Christmas swaps that we had a nice tradition going, so this year we decided to keep that tradition alive and swap this year on our own.  We had such a great time again this year that we've already decided that we will swap again next Christmas as well. :0) I'm sure you have all guessed by now that I LOVE Wendy's creations.  She has such a great eye for detail and the heart of gold to go with it.   In the above photo to the left you will find the sweetest black Santa she made me.  He's perfect in every way right down to the little tree he's holding.
 Now the Santa blew my mind and I was so doing the happy dance...but wait there was more... yes more... this beautiful majestic creature....our first Christmas goose.  He is perfect for our Christmas table and he looks so lovely sitting in my dough bowl.  I can't think of a better center piece then this. LOVE!!!!

Here is our sitting room sofa and you can see my black dolly is holding a new pillow from Wendy "Merry Christmas"...what a great addition to my Christmas pillows.  You can see the Santa one she made me last year to the left. 
This is our family room all decked out for this Christmas season.  What's under the tree well three lovely boxes that Wendy made me. :0)
Here is a close-up shot of the beautiful boxes... I love the pictures Wendy picked out and the colors.  I am a collector of boxes...great for storage and hiding things. They look lovely next to our fireplace and under our tree. :0)
Now this ornament warms my heart and just tickles me with joy....what a sweet gift Wendy has given our little one. Silas just loves hanging ornaments on the tree....even if they are on backwards (mommy fixes them when he's not looking).  We always set the mood for decorating the tree.... Christmas music, cookies, milk and a big box of handmade ornaments.  I think he likes that as much as getting gifts.  I also think it makes him feel big and part of something that is magical too. :0) 
Now not everyone knows this but I like owls...now I don't have a house full of them but they do have a special place in my heart.  I just think of the wise old owl in the pooh bear stories... the one that gives good advice and listens to you.  Who couldn't use a wise old owl in their lives....I know I could.

Last but not least is this wonderful smelling candle.  I have a thing for candles too....LOL. :0) 
I have to send out a Big THANK YOU to Wendy for being willing to swap again with me this year.  Each item you sent is a special treasure that I will hold near and dear to my heart.  I know the love and the attention you put into each item.  You have such a giving heart my friend and I am so blessed to have you in my life.  THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am already thinking about what I want to make you for next year. ;0) Hugs

Well my sweet friends thank you for stopping by for a visit and for sharing in my joy. I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.  Hugs, Theresa


  1. Oh Theresa what wonderful things! I told Wendy that you are both blessed to have such a good friend to swap with. Also it is really amazing how talented you both are!
    Be blessed,

  2. Woah! I love Wendy's work (and yours). It is always so special to have treasures from our blogging friends. It's like a part if them is in our house, stopping for coffee and a chat! Your tree is gorgeous. I love owls too. They are magestic creatures. And, well, my last name is Wise sooooo...

    Love it!!!!!

  3. Beautiful gifts to treasure.. Wendy's creations always make my heart smile ..They are delightful... like the illustrations in a story book You are blessed to have such a talented friend and swap partner.. * Enjoy your new Whimzies {{hugs}}

  4. Oh Theresa, you make me want to cry - I think the best part of our swaps is seeing how much you enjoy all the creations I make just for you! Hugs to Silas and have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas dear!

  5. PS - I adore that sideways snowman in the bucket on your hearth! Did you make him?

  6. Wow!!!!! Love all your goodies Theresa, you are a lucky lady. The Santa, goose are amazing, love it all, Francine.

  7. Wow!! Love your swap goodies from Wendy! She is so talented and just as sweet.Love how your home is all decked out.Christmas Blessings,Jen

  8. Oh my gosh that santa..drool.. Very lovely gifts from Wendy you both deserve a little spoiling. Hugs! Amy

  9. OH OH OH!! I am in love with that Christmas goose!!! It is perfection!! Love all your goodies! What a fun tradition!