Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Wonderful Pin Keep Swaps

Greetings my sweet friends I have two lovely swaps to share with you today.  My first pin keep swap was with Wendy from Ravenwoods Whimzies.  Wendy was also our host for the swap as well so I want to say..... THANK YOU for hosting Wendy!!!!  As you can see she spoiled me rotten as always. :0)  I love the sweet bird pin keep she made.... it fits right in with my spring collection. 
As you can see he's sitting pretty in my blue bunny crock and the chicks are not to far away. As for the Robin Egg malt balls there is a few left...LOL.  I have a really bad addiction to them. I put them in a bowl on the kitchen counter so I find myself getting into them often..LOL. 
I decided the tin blue chick needs to hang out in the house until warmer weather. Then he will go outside in one of my planters out front. I think he looks great sitting under my Orchid and on the lovely blue hand towel Wendy sent.   I told her already that I'm not going to use it as a hand's to beautiful for that.  Thank you Wendy for the very thoughtful and generous treasures...I love them all!!!
If you haven't checked out Wendy's blog or her Etsy shop please go to the link above... you'll be able to see what I made her too. :0)
My second swap was with a really sweet gal named Heather from The Country Schoolmarm.  This was Heather's first swap and she did a fantastic job!!!  Each thing she sent is a new treasure near and dear to my heart. I'm sure most of you feel that way when you get a box of swap goodies.  It aways warms my heart to see things made with love and care. 

Here is a close-up of my new treasures...

I placed Heather's pin keeps next to my dolls in the sitting room...I think they look lovely there. You can't see it but on the other side of my dolls is another pin keep I made.  As a stitcher I love collecting pin keeps...and there is no such thing as to many....LOL.  :0)

 I placed the bird and clothes line pin keep in the same room...but with my prim pillow and critters.  I think they look sweet together. :0)  If you've never been to Heather's blog before please click the link above and go for a visit.  I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you and you'll be able to see what I sent her as well.  Thank you Heather for the wonderful swap...I'm so glad you've joined the primitive swapping community. :0)
The last thing I wanted to show all of you is my new antique stoneware ink jars.  I only had the two lighter ones on the right (actually one is a impostor...LOL)....all the others I found this last Friday while antiquing with Holly and Silas.  I couldn't believe my luck... not only were the prices good but there were many to choose from.  I think maybe someone was selling off their collection.  Anyway they have a new home with me.  This wasn't the only thing I found either... bone buttons, some old photos, pin keep box (tin),  and a small metal train for Silas' room (it's for decoration's to old for him to play with).  Holly also found a nice crock and a cute childrens book.  We really had a great time and Silas was sooooooo good!!!!  We always have fun in Lancaster PA. :0) sweet friends I should go.  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. :0)


  1. Lovely pinkeeps.Always fun to find something you love for a good Blessings!~Amy

  2. Wonderful swap treasures!
    You have so many fabulous goodies.
    Was that two of Whendi's handmade creations I spied in there?

  3. How wonderful such talented friends here in blog land.
    Woolie hugs

  4. Wonderful swaps, sure is giving me Spring fever. hugs, Lecia

  5. Hi Theresa:

    Wow...such wonderful swap goodes. Love to see how you decorate with them and LOVE your orchid. Thanks for sharing all of your goodies from your talented friends.


  6. Hi all tour swap goodies....the pin keep is wonderful too....Francine.

  7. Now that's some SWEET Swappin'!! Pinkeeps are so fun to collect, I know... ;o) And everything looks so "springy"....birds, bunnies...what's not to love. But, those ink jars stole my heart....I have a few - not enough to call a collection - but so love the coloring and shape....You have yours displayed perfectly!! What a great find!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin ( sure that Silas is still too young to be in a committed relationship??? He sounds like he's shaping up to be a perfect catch....) ;o)

  8. Now..isn't it "Tweet" that Heather also had a bird theme going for you! I had such fun creating your Pin Keep Theresa. Love all your new goodies.

  9. I forgot to mention in my note to you that the spool and some of the buttons on the pin keep I made you are from my beloved Nana's collection...treasured pieces for a treasured friend! Hugs

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  11. Theresa,
    I wanted to let you know your comment to Primitives and Stitchin was on my blog.
    I think blogger is broken, something is going on.
    I am not recieving any comments on my posts.