Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Happy 50th Anniversary Party

Well I'm sure some of you have been wondering what I have been up to....well I can safely say up to no good...LOL.  :0)  Back in February of this year my sisters (Joann & Barb) and I conspired to have a 50th anniversary surprise party for our folks.   Well last weekend the waiting and planning was over.  We started it all off by making our journey north to upstate NY to meet up with my sisters.  Then we made like taking them out to the Texas Road House was it (on their actual anniversary August 4th). We did have my uncle and aunt surprise them by showing up at the restaurant to share in their special day.  It was a fun dinner with lots of laughter.  In fact when the waitress brought out the saddle for my Dad to get on I was laughing so hard because I wasn't sure if he could lift his leg that high....and then I wondered if he could make it off the saddle too...but by George he made it (he's 70 folks so you can imagine the old joints groaning in protest).  We also made them kiss a lot because I was laughing to hard to get a good shot....LOL.  It still makes me smile every time I think about it. :0)  Then at the end of the dinner the waitress brought us all our bills and instead of a bill my parents received their invitation to their surprise party the next day (August 5th).  We decided that they needed a little bit of a heads we couldn't think of a really good excuse to give my Dad to be at the park @ 2pm.  My Mother is always game to go do something but my Dad sometimes plays donkey....LOL.  :0)
Anyway the next morning was filled with picking up flowers, cakes, and table linens. Packing up two cars full of decorations and other goodies. Then we were off to Havana Glen park to decorate.  We planned to take a lot of photos  before and after we decorated but I'm sure some of you know how it is....we were short on time and something had to give.  We manage just a few photos before the caterer showed up.  Once the caterer had things set up guests started to arrive.  We had 45 guests that attended the it was a nice size....not too big not too small. 

My older sister Joann went and picked up our folks for their party.  When they first got there I went over to grab my Dad and Mother because they had a very special guest that came all the way from Florida.   My Dad's aunt is 91 years old and he hadn't seen her in over 20 years so the look on his face was priceless.   Everyone was crying and hugging.  It was the highlight of the party for me.   I have to send out a BIG THANKS to my Dad's cousin Sadie for driving Aunt Lillian all the way to NY.... you're the best girl!!!! I also want to thank everyone else for all made my parents day happy and special....we couldn't have done it with out you all!!!

I'm sure you're thinking that the party couldn't get any better right...good food, wine, surrounded by family and friends that love you.  Well my folks are the best...they've always been there for us girls.  They've given us good guidance and tools to have happy and fruitful lives.  If we hit some bumps along the way they are always there to help us one way or another.  So us girls and a bunch of their family/ friends decided they needed a second honeymoon since their first one didn't go so well.    We all pitched in and they're going on a Bahama cruise this fall..... you should have seen their faces.... Mom was shocked....and Dad was speechless....LOL. :0)   We have never thrown a surprise party for them before but I think this is one they will remember.   Happy 50th Mom & Dad you're the best and we love you very very much!!!

I hope all of you have enjoyed seeing such a special day for all of was a joy to share it with you all. 


  1. Hi Theresa~

    Thanks for sharing the party with us!! What a wonderful thing to do for your parents. Looks like you all had a fabuous time.

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  2. Oh WoW! What wonderful gifts and memories you gave them. Just fantastic.

  3. Oh my Theresa~ It sounds like so many new memories will be created.It turned out lovely.So glad you shared.Hugs!~Amy

  4. Hip-Hip Hooray for your parents, you and your sisters!

  5. Congratulations and Happy (Belated) 50th Anniversary to your folks!!! What a wonderful testament to togetherness! Looks like a beautiful party and woo hoo!! a cruise on top of it. I bet they are as giddy as newlyweds.....Wishing you a beautiful day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin