Friday, May 4, 2012

Back From Our Road Trip

 I see blogger has changed a lot while I was's funny how fast things change in just a few weeks...LOL.  Anyway Silas and I just got back from our road trip to upstate NY where I was born.  We had a fantastic week seeing friends and family.  We also got to see a dear childhood friend of mine get married.   I must say my sweet friend Bobbi was a beautiful and a happy bride indeed.  I couldn't be happier for her and Earl....may they have a long and happy marriage!!!
While we were north we also woke one morning to several inches of snow....boy Silas sure got excited since we haven't seen that much snow since before he was born.  He had a great time kicking and running through it all....good thing mommy packed some sweaters and jeans.  Even though on the day we drove up it was 81 and sunny out....once a northerner always a northerner...I think it's in the blood.  :0)

Silas also had a great time playing with his Grandpa's trains.  I must say for a two year old he was very respectful of his Grandfather's toys.... of course Silas respects the mighty train too.  I think we have a railway buff in the making.  If it doesn't have coalcars, flatcars, boxcars, or a steam engine and the sweet little red caboose at the end Silas isn't interested (well he does like trucks too).  :0)  Grandpa is  pretty darn excited that his little grandson follows his passion. 

One of the other highlights to our week was the annual Flax barn sale.  I have missed this sale for the past two years I missed it.  If you've never worn Flax clothes you're missing out.  They are perfect for the summer so light and comfortable.  I have been going to these sales since 1994 so I'm along time fan.  This years clothes were outstanding!!!  I purchased way to much clothing...LOL...but at least they'll last me a long time.  It's also a great day to spend with my mother and sisters too.  We all have so much fun trying on clothes and digging through the big boxes to find our size.  It has become a bit of a girls day out tradition. :0)
Well that's what I've been up to.  I must admit I haven't gotten any work done but that's okay some times we just need to sit back and enjoy time with our family and friends.  Now that I'm home though it's back to work.

I hope all of you have been well and I'm glad you've stopped in for a visit. :0)

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