Friday, February 10, 2012

Share what you love

Sometimes it's nice to share what you love. I love all things that are handmade...and I find myself buying more and more from artists when it comes to birthdays, Christmas, and other special events. I haven't stepped into our local mall in years... why when everything is mass produced. I am always looking for new handmade items to love and treasure. Maybe it's because I'm a crafter as well...I have my mother to thank for that...she always made us kids stuff. Thanks MOM!!!

Anyway I must share my newest find. I'm sure many of you know Kimberly from "The Red Cupboard" (see the link to her blog on the left)...but I didn't until late last year. You will find her creations wonderfully primitive with that well hugged/loved look. Each doll has a face that melts your heart's hard not to want everything in her Etsy shop ( It only took the purchase of one snow doll to be smitten with her work. I must say I'm one of her biggest fans...LOL. I can now say I'm the proud owner of several of her pieces too. I'm sure more of her creations will find a home with us here at Dulaney Woods. Maybe it will be one of her hooked rugs next...who knows. :0)

I hope you enjoyed your visit today and I hope we will see you again soon. Stay happy and healthy my friends.




  1. Those bunnies with the sheep..adorable..Hugs!~Amy

  2. Thank you for the invite to your blog :) Your so sweet!!!! Makes my day to read how much you share my love in my creations!!! Your right, with so much talent out on the web, why would we want to buy made in china! Enjoy your day :) All My Best ~Kimberly

  3. hi,Theresa~
    I must say like you I am addicted to Kimberly's beautiful creations, they are precious and made with tender loving care~ my newest are her peeps & crow~ so cute~