Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A stitch in progress

The day is sunny and warm here at Dulaney Woods Treasures. It's so beautiful that my little one and I are going out to look for rabbits and flowers. I wonder if we'll find any today? If not... at least I can look at my stitch in progress for a bunny and a few flowers. :0)
This beautiful pinkeep drum will go to my best friend for her birthday in early March. As you can see I'm almost done with the stitching...just the flower basket and bottom border before I can start assembling it. This is the first time I've stitched this lovely pattern but I get a feeling it wont be the last time. Even though I am not a big Easter girl I do have a few Easter decorations that I put out. I think this one would be a wonderful addition to my very small collection of goodies. If any of you are wondering who the pattern is by it's a Stacy Nash pattern. It is being stitched on 32 ct Platinum linen with Gentle Arts threads. Well we should be off for our walk and to soak up some of that wonderful sunshine. I hope today has been a happy day for you all...and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I think it's prim enough to leave out all year.I had to giggle I was outside a little while ago and two girls were walking down the street in tanks,shorts and flip flops it's January.I think mother nature is confused hopefully old man winter don't decide to come in spring.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I hope you enjoyed your time outside today. It is so nice here also. It makes me wonder if spring is actually around the corner.

    I love that piece you are working on, it is so pretty! Your friend is very fortunate to acquire such a beautiful handmade by you! I'm not much of an Easter girl either. I do like to add spring touches to my home with birds, nests, and eggs. That's always fun.

    Enjoy this lovely weather~

  3. Hi Theresa,
    I love the piece you are working on, it is really cute. Did you find any flowers today? It was so nice out, and a great day to walk. All I can say is "hurry up spring!" Have a great night.

  4. Linda we didn't see any flowers but a lot of them have buds. Amy you're so right mother nature is being very strange this year....it scares me a bit. Angie I have to tell you the only reason I can post what I'm working on for Holly's birthday is because she doesn't own a computer. I keep telling her she needs one but she isn't having it...LOL. Also I wanted to thank all of you for your positive feedback...I so hope Holly will be surprised...she loves bunnies. :0)

  5. Beautiful piece! Your friend is so lucky .. Love your work.